Sunday, February 13, 2011

A heart rocking Valentines day!

Since Mr G arrived in my life, he never fails to give a treat for Valentines Day which I don't usually celebrate in the past.  Since then I always dreamed of someone giving me flowers on Valentines Day but unluckily for me it has not yet, yes! not yet happen, hehe... even meeting already Mr G already! Hmmm, his really not into flowers but his really really into CAKES!  This has been the 2nd time celebrating Valentines Day with a heart shaped cake from Goldilocks limited edition Valentines Day Choco-Caramel Cake! (picture below)

We had been celebrating ♥'s day for three young years now.  But this year, we needed to celebrate it a day advance because Mr G needs to go out of town for work on that day.

Mr G and Me
Same as last year, we had it celebrated at home (oh, we always do, hehe).  Mom and Mr G cooks the food for our ♥'s dinner! And not to mention, the ever heart shaped cake from Goldilocks! The one that they only sell only during Valentines Day! I really do not know the name, but its some kind of a chocolate moist cake with caramel sauce on a separate container.  We had grilled pork belly and good drinks to finish off the dinner.  The early afternoon/night was spent with a home full of laughter, fun, and love! We had our fair share of singing too, the karaoke way! hehe.

I am really filled with joy because I found someone who does not only sees me, but also sees the people I love the most, my family.  Not just because he needs to put his best foot forward because his "the boyfriend" but because he genuinely shares happiness to them wholeheartedly and that rocks my beating heart for him!

mama and papa, sharing their ♥'s day kilig moment, isn't it cute?

Goldilocks Limited Edition ♥'s Day Choco-Caramel Cake and Cadbury's Special Dark Chocolate

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