Saturday, March 10, 2012


It was love at first sight...........................................

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 That's what I felt upon seeing the newest product from Avon - Anew Genics.  I knew I needed to get one.

I've been using the product everyday single night and day and it's AMAZING!! I did see visible results.  One thing that I noticed is around the eyes.  I go to sleep at night really late and when I wake up in the morning I can see sagging left eye with big eye-bags.  But then when I started putting Anew Genics, the sagginess disappeared.  And the dark circles were now bidding goodbye.  The skin also felt firmer and more radiant.   I just love how it does not give me irritations or any aggravations to the pimples that I was having at that time when I purchased it.

I am really just happy that I came to purchase this product.  Though I did not really put up high expectations at first because I don't want to get disappointed but hey " this thing is really love".  I wish I had pictures for you to be able to see it, but nah... I do not have a decent cam for you to appreciate :D

The only downside for this is the price.  It costs 1700+ .  I was able to purchase mine at around 1300+ as an introductory price and being an Avon Lady I only get to pay 995 for this.  I almost ordered two of these and now I am blaming myself of not having done so :(

Will I buy this again? YES WITH A BIG YES. I just hope once in a while they will have this on sale.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

iTS tIME for tHe mini REVIEWS!!!!

This 2012, I am making a promise to write more on this blog, may it be reviews, rants or just anything under the sun to pour my heart out!!! :)

So here'S my section on MINI REVIEWS!!!

Mini reviews will just cater, as the title itself "mini", small reviews but definitely a worth-it-to read for reviews for the products I had used on the past months or so.

SO HERE IT GOES ...............

1. Maybelline's BB Cream

I love the dewy effect this cream gives onto my face. It does not have a weird scent to begin with.  Using this with an acne breakout, I find this product a little bit okay with covering up the acnes and the blemishes, but I don't seem finding to buy another one on this.  Maybe I'll try other BB creams as I am not sure if this one worsened my acne, but for now, I stopped using this and still in search of my acne culprit!

sorry for the messy sponge
2.  Maybelline's Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Face Powder

When I started using this product, I did not like it! And I did not get to finish up the whole powder because it was broken up into pieces :( I was actually using a face brush at that time and I think it was not a good idea using the brush.  On my second purchase I used its sponge applicator and this time it was LOVE!!!! I liked how it matches up my skin color.  I love how it melts on the skin and leaves no sign of the powder at all!! Throughout the day my face is just a little bit shiny, but its staying power is good about a half day or so.

 3.  Maybelline and Avon's Lip Balm in Cherry

These two, I don't like!!! Mainly because they are too shiny (Maybelline) and too red (Avon) for my liking!!

4.  Dolce & Gabanna Perfume in Light Blue

This is a Christmas gift from the aunt.  It has this powdery mild scent smell.  I like using this on occasions as it gives you a baby scent.  It actually stays on the whole day.

5.  Avon's AM and PM Solution's Cream

This tandem goes to the neck :) Why? Because I experienced breakouts with them.  I do not want to throw them away so I thought of using this to the neck for day and night :)

So I guess that ends the MINI REVIEW section.!!! Yipeey.....I hope to make more of these soon on this year (fingers cross) :)

That's its folks, remember to smile and stay happy always!! Mwah mwah!!

Avon Reviews: Rose and Rose hips Toner & Whitening Cream with SPF f15

I am sure feeling a little quite inspired on doing reviews this 2012. I just posted a review on Asian Secrets minutes, oh yeah, minutes ago!!! :) And this time, I am doing a review on Avon's Rose and Rose hips Toner and Whitening Cream.

While having some purchases, Avon was able to send me a sample sachet (2g) on rose and rose hips whitening cream with spf15.

At first, I didn't bother to use it because I am afraid that it might worsen  my ache breakout!  I was having such a hard time on cystic pimples and I was breaking out crazily.  But then I still gave it a try and here's some of my points on the products:

Rose and Rose hips Toner:

1. It has a mild scent of a rose that is not irritating to smell at.

2. It leaves you a non-sticky feel after using it on the face.

3. For its effects, I can say that it did not worsen the acne breakout. I had been using it morning and night and I am happy that it helps lessen out. This is the only toner that I had used since (i am a fan on putting toner to the face, :D)

4. The 100ml bottle will go a long way, I believe.

5. The price -- its super cheap!! I got this for only 100+ or so.

-- i am having my pledge on continue using this given it does not give me any untoward effects until the bottle finishes up, as I have a habit of not finishing products until the end --

Rose and Rose hips whitening SPF 15

1. They more or less have the same scent with the toner and it is not irritating to smell at.

2. It gives you a matte finish or for oily ladies it doesn't give you that super duper oily affect effect and I love it!!

3. It absorbs on the skin quickly given that you do not put so many cream on the face as it will leave you a whitish cast. Be sure to spread it out evenly on the face on an upward motion.

4. Given that I am using this in the middle of acne problem and it did not worsen out the acne, I must say that this products works well on me.

5. For its whitening effect, I still have to use this for a long time and get back to you folks if I can see the effects. But I am excited because if the product is effective then my acne marks will become visibly lighter and I am hoping and looking forward for that to happen!!

6. I got this for 99 pesos only!! I love AVON because they always have this promos and you got to have their products at a very low low price and bonus points given that I am an Avon lady (but I am not being biased on my reviews here, hehe) I get to have 25% discount!! Top that :)

I will be having my pledge to stick to these two products morning and evening and really see if these two will work out :)

All in all, I just hope and wish that these product will work for me. I am not aiming for that whitening effect but what I just want from the product is that I hope it would lessen out breakouts on the face!!! As I feel super irritated on it already and conscious.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub

Its been super duper longgggggggggg time ago since I have done postings on this blog. I blame on the lack of time and lack of inspiration :(

But here I am again, even feeling sleepy while doing this as we were having a blast at the Sinulog event yesterday, I am doing a review on Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub!

First thing, I got to know this amazing product via beauty bloggers online! And one time while going to Watsons SM Cebu, I spotted this body scrub, picked it up and gave it a try at home!

My verdict ---- AMAZING!!!!

Yes, the product really really works. Why? Here's why:

1. After a week of continued usage, I noticed that my arms looked a bit lighter. I feel that its because of the exfoliating effect of the scrub. It sloughs off dead skin cells that has already accumulated on the skin causing its darkening spots.

2. After finishing the whole tube, which I think lasted for about a month, a noticeable lighter (not whiter) skin was noted. I used it on the whole body, targeting those dark areas like the elbows, knees, groin area, armpit.

3. The scent is so oh-heavinly! I love the scent of the scrub, not so over powering to the nose considering I have such a sensitive sense of smell :) and the tiny scrubs are not painful unto the skin, just right to make you feel you are scrubbing off those dead skin.

4. The price!!! Yes, the price is super duper duper affordable at P130 only!!! If I had the money I would hoard a dozen of these scrubs!!!

It is evident that this product works because I cannot seem to easily find this on Watsons as it is always OUT OF STOCK!! BOOOO....

I finished up the whole tube last November, and I am off to the second tub this month.

One thing I noticed is that my first tub was the violent-tube color scrub which has licorice and mulberry extract while the second tube was the green one which has the green tea and vitamin E component.

Well that's it folks!! You gotta try Asian Secrets Body Scrub, I'm 100% sure that you'll love its effects!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

-- becoming a soap addict ----

YESSS I AM becoming one! ♥♥ and I am loving it.. Recently I had ordered another three soaps from By Nature Handmade Soap

namely Icy Choco, Citrus White, and Utter Bliss. I had just tea tree as the original order but then changed it to Utter Bliss since I decided to give it a close friend who will soon be flying off to Bahrain for work (sniff sniff *_*).

This has been my 3rd batch purchase from a local reseller here in Cebu. I had already blogged about my very first soaps from By Nature Handmade and I tell you they are sooooooooooo good and yummy too. It always make me feel that I want to shower, shower, and shower again and again without me worrying having a dry skin from repeated showers (hahahahhaa!)

I am soo hooked with their icy flavored soap.. I had Mint Fantasia the very first time around and it was such a heavenly feel (believe me!) So I ordered Icy Choco. The thing is I did not actually really smell chocolate in it, the mint aroma I guess overpowered it, but I don't really care! ( I guess I was actually lemming only for the mint, tosh tosh).

Then I reordered Citrus White because I wanted to have than even fair skin. I really cant say it whitens, but hey I am giving this another try since I used it only once..hehe

And oh, I almost forgot, I also had Minty Rosemary!!!! Still mint, I know. But it had an added aroma of rosemary in it and rosemary leaves too!!!

Overall, these soaps are really making me an addict! They all have the same feel after usage, soft and moisturized skin! But what I liked mostly about them is that they are almost if not all 100% natural!!! The soap "flavors" (as I call them) are there to give me the excitement and the smiles while taking a bath!

I got these bars around 150php to 175php. Yes, they might be too pricey for a soap, but they are worth it! Maybe you might give it a try but I am giving you a warning.. these soaps are addicting.......... in a good way!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to the Busy World


As I say this with a big smile :)

August is such a month with so much surprises for me, though it may be a not-so-good surprises because it entails lots of missed finances, but at the end of the day I am still ending it with a great big smile on the face.

On the good side, I am happy to be back on a part time homebased medical transcription!!! Yipeey! I remember this plan has been on my list coming this year and it happened and I am sooooooooooo happy!! (talking about more income) hehe..

And maybe that's all for this post.. hoping to really blog blog blog in the following days.!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE.. MWAH.

Friday, July 15, 2011

By Nature Handmade Soaps : Very Oatmeal, Citrus White, Mint Fantasia and Fair Geranium

While making some online purchases through a local reseller here in Cebu, Ate Shelly introduced me to a brand of soap which she loves! ByNature Handmade Soaps. She was raving about the product and she told me how her and her family’s skin was made softer while using this soap! So without a doubt I told her that I’ll buy and try it. While searching the website I found out that there are looottssssss of soap variants to choose from. My first purchases were Very Oatmeal and Citrus White.

These two soaps made my every day bath such an indulgence! Every after bath my skin felt smooth and moisturized. This combo also is best for exfoliating and literally you can shed off your dead skin without worrying a drying effect! I had used these soaps for about a month and a half and I am happy that for that span of time I did not develop any pimples on my face! But then I stopped using them and switch to Beauche’s kojic soap. Unlucky for me, after days of using the soap, one big pimple popped out of my face! I then called Ate Shelly and asked ordered another set of soap. But this time I was eyeing for Mint Rosemary with mild scrub but she did not have any stock on it and suggested Mint Fantasia! Learning it was still mint I told her that I’d buy one with Fair Geranium as well!

The same feeling of excitement was felt after receiving the soaps. I was too excited to take a shower as a result I woke up a bit early than usual :) I feel in love with the Mint Fantasia as soon as I used it. I just love the mint scent and the cooling effect it leaves on my skin! Such an indulgence, a little bit of heaven in my shower!! Hehehe! Pairing it with Fair Geranium makes the shower experience heavenly. Fair Geranium has this woody scent, not too overpowering, just a mild scent of spice and it has its whitening properties too!

Overall I am super duper satisfied with the soaps and still is feeling the excitement of trying other variants as well. But Mint Fantasia will also be on top of the list! The soaps may be a little bit pricey but it does not matter anyways because you’ll get what you pay for! Standard soaps cost you P115 and the special ones P145 (Cebu Price). Check out their website and find out other exciting variants to choose from. (

Have you tried By Nature Handmade soaps? Share us why you liked them!!

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