Sunday, January 15, 2012

Avon Reviews: Rose and Rose hips Toner & Whitening Cream with SPF f15

I am sure feeling a little quite inspired on doing reviews this 2012. I just posted a review on Asian Secrets minutes, oh yeah, minutes ago!!! :) And this time, I am doing a review on Avon's Rose and Rose hips Toner and Whitening Cream.

While having some purchases, Avon was able to send me a sample sachet (2g) on rose and rose hips whitening cream with spf15.

At first, I didn't bother to use it because I am afraid that it might worsen  my ache breakout!  I was having such a hard time on cystic pimples and I was breaking out crazily.  But then I still gave it a try and here's some of my points on the products:

Rose and Rose hips Toner:

1. It has a mild scent of a rose that is not irritating to smell at.

2. It leaves you a non-sticky feel after using it on the face.

3. For its effects, I can say that it did not worsen the acne breakout. I had been using it morning and night and I am happy that it helps lessen out. This is the only toner that I had used since (i am a fan on putting toner to the face, :D)

4. The 100ml bottle will go a long way, I believe.

5. The price -- its super cheap!! I got this for only 100+ or so.

-- i am having my pledge on continue using this given it does not give me any untoward effects until the bottle finishes up, as I have a habit of not finishing products until the end --

Rose and Rose hips whitening SPF 15

1. They more or less have the same scent with the toner and it is not irritating to smell at.

2. It gives you a matte finish or for oily ladies it doesn't give you that super duper oily affect effect and I love it!!

3. It absorbs on the skin quickly given that you do not put so many cream on the face as it will leave you a whitish cast. Be sure to spread it out evenly on the face on an upward motion.

4. Given that I am using this in the middle of acne problem and it did not worsen out the acne, I must say that this products works well on me.

5. For its whitening effect, I still have to use this for a long time and get back to you folks if I can see the effects. But I am excited because if the product is effective then my acne marks will become visibly lighter and I am hoping and looking forward for that to happen!!

6. I got this for 99 pesos only!! I love AVON because they always have this promos and you got to have their products at a very low low price and bonus points given that I am an Avon lady (but I am not being biased on my reviews here, hehe) I get to have 25% discount!! Top that :)

I will be having my pledge to stick to these two products morning and evening and really see if these two will work out :)

All in all, I just hope and wish that these product will work for me. I am not aiming for that whitening effect but what I just want from the product is that I hope it would lessen out breakouts on the face!!! As I feel super irritated on it already and conscious.

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