Friday, July 15, 2011

By Nature Handmade Soaps : Very Oatmeal, Citrus White, Mint Fantasia and Fair Geranium

While making some online purchases through a local reseller here in Cebu, Ate Shelly introduced me to a brand of soap which she loves! ByNature Handmade Soaps. She was raving about the product and she told me how her and her family’s skin was made softer while using this soap! So without a doubt I told her that I’ll buy and try it. While searching the website I found out that there are looottssssss of soap variants to choose from. My first purchases were Very Oatmeal and Citrus White.

These two soaps made my every day bath such an indulgence! Every after bath my skin felt smooth and moisturized. This combo also is best for exfoliating and literally you can shed off your dead skin without worrying a drying effect! I had used these soaps for about a month and a half and I am happy that for that span of time I did not develop any pimples on my face! But then I stopped using them and switch to Beauche’s kojic soap. Unlucky for me, after days of using the soap, one big pimple popped out of my face! I then called Ate Shelly and asked ordered another set of soap. But this time I was eyeing for Mint Rosemary with mild scrub but she did not have any stock on it and suggested Mint Fantasia! Learning it was still mint I told her that I’d buy one with Fair Geranium as well!

The same feeling of excitement was felt after receiving the soaps. I was too excited to take a shower as a result I woke up a bit early than usual :) I feel in love with the Mint Fantasia as soon as I used it. I just love the mint scent and the cooling effect it leaves on my skin! Such an indulgence, a little bit of heaven in my shower!! Hehehe! Pairing it with Fair Geranium makes the shower experience heavenly. Fair Geranium has this woody scent, not too overpowering, just a mild scent of spice and it has its whitening properties too!

Overall I am super duper satisfied with the soaps and still is feeling the excitement of trying other variants as well. But Mint Fantasia will also be on top of the list! The soaps may be a little bit pricey but it does not matter anyways because you’ll get what you pay for! Standard soaps cost you P115 and the special ones P145 (Cebu Price). Check out their website and find out other exciting variants to choose from. (

Have you tried By Nature Handmade soaps? Share us why you liked them!!

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