Saturday, July 2, 2011

Im Back and Blabbing with my Sickness :(

Its been such a long time since I hadn't blog on the personal note (blame it on the no internet at home, hehe ), but I still don't have a stable net for now, just using my Globe Tattoo loaded on Globe's Supersurf 50:) I had the urge to blog because I was excited to getting used to the new PC!! weeee.. yup I bought a new PC just weeks ago and deciding also to go back to home base (part time since I have a full time work in an office).. But with all these excitement on mind it was cut short with this humiliating sooooooooooo painful amoebiasis!!!!

You heard me right, I had amoebiasis right now.  While typing this blog I am suffering a very terrible abdominal cramps.  It sucks to be sick!! :( :( :(...

But still I know I'll be fine and I soon have my plans off the road :)

Have a happy weekends everyone!!!

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