Friday, September 23, 2011

-- becoming a soap addict ----

YESSS I AM becoming one! ♥♥ and I am loving it.. Recently I had ordered another three soaps from By Nature Handmade Soap

namely Icy Choco, Citrus White, and Utter Bliss. I had just tea tree as the original order but then changed it to Utter Bliss since I decided to give it a close friend who will soon be flying off to Bahrain for work (sniff sniff *_*).

This has been my 3rd batch purchase from a local reseller here in Cebu. I had already blogged about my very first soaps from By Nature Handmade and I tell you they are sooooooooooo good and yummy too. It always make me feel that I want to shower, shower, and shower again and again without me worrying having a dry skin from repeated showers (hahahahhaa!)

I am soo hooked with their icy flavored soap.. I had Mint Fantasia the very first time around and it was such a heavenly feel (believe me!) So I ordered Icy Choco. The thing is I did not actually really smell chocolate in it, the mint aroma I guess overpowered it, but I don't really care! ( I guess I was actually lemming only for the mint, tosh tosh).

Then I reordered Citrus White because I wanted to have than even fair skin. I really cant say it whitens, but hey I am giving this another try since I used it only once..hehe

And oh, I almost forgot, I also had Minty Rosemary!!!! Still mint, I know. But it had an added aroma of rosemary in it and rosemary leaves too!!!

Overall, these soaps are really making me an addict! They all have the same feel after usage, soft and moisturized skin! But what I liked mostly about them is that they are almost if not all 100% natural!!! The soap "flavors" (as I call them) are there to give me the excitement and the smiles while taking a bath!

I got these bars around 150php to 175php. Yes, they might be too pricey for a soap, but they are worth it! Maybe you might give it a try but I am giving you a warning.. these soaps are addicting.......... in a good way!!!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone..

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