Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finders never quit !!! At last I found it ♥♥♥

I remember doing a product review of this one last August 18, 2010 and from then on I have not stopped searching it in the world wide web and at last i found it, woooooooooooooooooooooooo!! One day I started searching it and fortunately I found one selling!! My searching powers were working ! I didn't think twice in buying and I bought not only one but two... yeyeyeye.. but if I only had more more money, ill be hoarding it.. Hmm.. wondering what I am talking about, on welll............. MISTINE WHITE SPA DEODORANT!!!

Haha you must be laughing right now! Yes, a deodorant. I uberly love this product!  Why?You gotta read (again) the reasons why I go gaga over this one!!!

  • Im in love with the smell.  It just right for me.  It has this powdery scent and it lasts the whole day!
  • It does not give you a sticky feel when put it on your underarms and it dries up in seconds!!
  • The best thing of all --- it whitens in one bottle use!! As I had observed it lessens up the chicken skin underarms that I have.  Oh its lalala loveeeee...
Two bottles could last up to 4 months of usage (I believe).  I'm crossing my fingers that I can buy another one when these are used up :)  These are not locally available at store (I'm wondering why Watson's are not having these anymore ).  One bottle cost up 190php or about $4.  It's actually very costly but hey it works!!! You may want to try it and give me a feedback on how it works for you.. Share the love :)

PS:  Unfortunately I was not able to have pictures on this one as I do not have a very good camera on hand :( grrr. But no worries you can search it on the net :)


Aya said...

Sounds like a good product! Maybe I should be looking for it too :D

Nice blog!:D Hope you can check out mine too :DDD

-theodemae- said...

@aya - thanks! sure ill be checking your page and send some love :)