Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~i finally blogged~


I had been eyeing to blog a looonggg time ago, but it seems I am overly lazy enough to do it :) but then out of the blue, ironically just when I had to cut off my net (which I am in globe tattoo right now, tsk tsk), I decided to write (what a??), oh well as they say "better bloogged late than never".

People from the worldwide web (as I say it) seems to inspire me to have my own blog. I am a fan on reading other people’s journal on the net and it seems that even though I do not know them, they seem to touch and inspire me in some ways. And not to mention the contests that I’ll be able to join using own blog (*heart jumps *). This in a way urged me that I may inspire other people too, who knows right?

I am feeling a lot of excitement right now. Ideas and plans are swirling around my head on what to do with this page of mine, but for now I’ll settle myself first and think on what to write (in the serious thought) for you guys!!

Hmmm, seems like my first blog was not after all that hard to do. May be some other time with more creativity I’ll be able to share more reviews on products that I had used, may it be good or a-not-so-good review, after all its still a review, teehee. For now I bid to say ciao ciao mi amigos, see you next time around for some other crazy little thoughts.

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