Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mistine White Spa - a product review

This is my third official (naks) blog and I am thinking on writing about product reviews.

The first thing that comes to my mind is Mistine White Spa Deodorant. Anybody has tried using it? Well I am rating it with a whooping 5 stars. Yup it’s perfect, especially when you wanted your underarms to whiten in just one bottle use!

I got mine from a certain blogger which happened to have a birthday contest and luckily I was chosen by My price was a local obagi and Mistine White Spa Deodorant.

As soon as I got the package from her, I immediately tried the product. Believe it or not, just within a week or two I felt my underarm lightened up. It has a powdery scent and it lasts the whole day. Unfortunately, after consuming one bottle, I never found one here in my place. I searched for every Watson’s place or department stores but commonly they told me it was phased out long before. The reason was because it was that saleable, tsk tsk. If people only knew its effectiveness, then it would sale out like crazy! For now I am sticking with online hunt for the product and when I get to see a supplier, may be I can resell these… (hmmm, thinking business here). For those sissies out there who happened to have an idea on this product or a reseller of the product, can you please tell me, it would be a pleasure for me to buy some.

The only disadvantage for the product as I have noticed is that it does not protect you from too much perspiration. Especially on hot days and when you tend to do physical activities. But it does not count for me since I’m living in a sedentary life (tsk tsk such an unhealthy lifestyle, hehe) as I work in an office and I do not perspire a lot. But other than that it works just perfectly fine for me.

PS: when you find one, please do inform me :D gracias ♥♥♥

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