Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ponds Facial Wash with Activated Carbon + Vitamin B3

I was a bit curious actually when I saw the commercial for Ponds newest product line, Ponds Facial Wash with Activated Carbon + Vitamin B3.  Well honestly I am the type of person who gets really carried away on the product I see on TV and always wanted to try, but for some reason wouldn't, (yeah yeah some financial reasons =).  But when the new product from Ponds came out, I knew I wanted to try it.

While having my bi-monthly grocery at our local supermarket, I excitedly searched for Ponds facial wash.  I was easily attracted by it packaging.  Its black with a touch of pink, such a nice combination and isn't it unique for some sort of facial wash!!.  As impulsive as I am, I snapped out one sachet from the shelf (yeah, only the sachet thingy) because I really do not actually want to spend on something which I haven't trialed on first. And thanks to Ponds sachets are available and not to mention too affordable.

At home I excitedly tried on the product.  I started looking thoroughly at the packaging and read on.  Then i bumped my eyes on the component pulverize carbon and telling myself this must be the activated carbon.  Opening the sachet is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and yes I wasn't expecting it color, its pearly gray! And this I said, yes, this must really have carbon in it =)

I hurriedly used it on my face, having the routinely upward outward motion.  I love its smell.  It did not actually trigger my sensitive nose.  I leave it on for only a bit of few seconds (because I was too excited) and then washed it off.

I was surprised how my skin felt so clean.  I did not get the feeling of tightness nor some itchiness as I used to feel for other facial wash or even in my kojic soap, and I am much happy for that. Looking at the mirror, it looked so clean. I felt like, wow, activated carbon must have been really working (naks!!).  It even made me happier when I knew it would pair out perfectly with my St. Dalfour cream.  The morning effect was so overly lovable that I decided not to put on some loose powder anymore because i love the look on my face.

The prices are much affordable with P13 for the sachet and around P79 for the tube its worth it and worth a try. 

PS:  This is not a paid advertisement (oh how I wish it was) or some soft.  Well, just a personal view from a satisfied user)

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