Friday, February 4, 2011

Im crazy……………. over blushes!!!

These recent days I found myself hauling/drooling over blushes!! I actually don’t know why that every time I see one, I felt the need to buy it!

Just earlier ago, I bought Sophie Martin Magic pink blush. I hurriedly went home after we made meet ups to get the products. Then I realized next week another meet up will happen for my newly ordered Ellana blushes!! Gosh, what’s happening, why I am in so with blushes, blushes, blushes?? And I thought, well they just make me feel happy and that’s it!

Ill be having a review with all of my blush purchases soon, as for now I will be patiently and giggly waiting for my Ellana blush. And oppss, thinking of purchasing blushes from Pureglow though and Fanny Serrano’s blushes too…. Crossing my fingers on my blush on, I’m smelling a collection in the making here :)

 As for my Ellana iIhad chosen, happiness and fulfillment, hope it looks good on my skin :) super excited na to have this two...

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